Updates and News for the game!

Updates and Sneak Peeks

Recive all Changelogs and possibly get some sneak peeks into the future of the game!

What is End Is Coming about?

End Is Coming is a game about fighting for Humanity. As the war between Humanity and the Aliens moves closer to you, you are being forced to leave your home and find somewhere safe to ride out the war. Of course things never goto plan. The aliens developed a Bio Weapon -“C16”- This deadly Bio Weapon turns humans into puppets. If you inhale this deadly substance, then the aliens will have full control over you and your memory…we better hope that C16 does not effect anyone with Nuke Codes. You can hide, or you can run.

What ever route you choose, there will always be troubles. Whatever you do, stay away from C16.

Pictures and more information will be coming soon. 

End Is Coming is in such a early stage of development, that we have not released any public updates.


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